Hello Parents & Students!

More than 60 exhibitors will have interactive displays and booths set up at Crooked Billet – Hallowell Learning Community on April 4, 2020 from 10 AM – 1 PM for all  students (Pre-K through 12)This is not your average career fair! All participating companies are offering hands-on engaging activities for students to learn and experience the real world! Don’t miss this important day!

Take a quick peek at our Career EXPO from last year! Click me

Curious about flying drones and how this technology is changing the world?  What career path could this mean to you?
Discover at the EXPO!

Think about driving a massive crane, drilling down into the earth till your heart’s content, loading construction materials, or pouring concrete?
Sit at the wheel of a construction simulator and experience it all!

Want to learn to create apparel designs using a heat press?
Come to the EXPO!

Want to work side by side with scientists?
You can at the EXPO!  There will be a wide range of engaging STEM activities to excite you.

Interested in the environment?
Learn about corrosion and its impact on the world and how you can help.

Learning more about how we can contribute to our environment!

Or maybe you’re interested in nature and plants and landscape design?
Yep, that’s here for you too!

Interested in medicine?
Engage in conversations with a range of doctors specializing in Pediatrics, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Radiology, Respiratory, and Pharmacy. They’re here to support your interests!

If you have a little brother or sister…have them bring their favorite Teddy Bear for a free health check. They can listen to the heartbeat, fix a broken leg, inject a teddy with “medicine” and get a teddy health check. Even listen to Cookie Monster’s heartbeat!

A great opportunity for kids to make sure their teddy bears are in tip-top shape!

Want to be a veterinarian?
Check out a puppy dog’s heartbeat and more.

A fitness career path intrigue you?
Tackle an obstacle course and grip strength activities with physical therapists and be hands on with a Chiropractor using and understanding non-invasive technology they work with each day.

Continuing with fitness….there’s also a computerized punching bag to learn the impact of your punch! Join in a min-competition.

Getting her workout on!

Manufacturers will be here too! Engineers and CAD designers demonstrating digital 3D scanners.

Interested in acting, theater, the arts?
Join us for on-site workshops to sharpen your skills.

What about music?
Yes, there’s live music as well as an instrument petting zoo and mock private music lessons.

Like to eat?
Join us for Sushi making, hoagie making and cupcake decorating…and then enjoy eating your creations!

Dream of being an architect? 
Explore design ideas first hand!

What about a career in law?
Ask questions and discover!

A career in public safety… police officers and fire fighters with amazing technology to show you.

A really interesting tour inside and around a firetruck

Our HHSD teachers will have an exhibit too!

And, the list continues….. ALL WE NEED IS YOU!

AND, there’s no cost to students and families to attend.


Hatboro-Horsham School District

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