Quick Tips

Tips for Creating a Fun and Engaging “Who Will I Be?” Exhibit

Thank you for participating in “Who Will I Be?” Career EXPO K-12 2020! We appreciate your willingness to donate your time and resources to make the event a HUGE success. Your “WWIB” exhibit will provide an opportunity for hundreds of young people to experience the broad range of industries and career possibilities in our community and beyond.  Here are some tips to enhance the planning, design, and implementation of your “WWIB” exhibit.

Planning and Designing Your Exhibit:

Use the 3 Modes of Learning
People learn by listening, by seeing or by experiencing and touching. An exhibit that engages all three learning modalities will create the most memorable experience. Successful exhibits will be those that are engaging, hands-on, interactive, and accurate in the information they convey.

Always Consider Your Audience
WWIB” is intended for Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School students.
(5 -18 years)

Timing is everything
Hands-on activities should last no more than five minutes and should be designed to be presented to 5-6 students at a time.

Speak in Clear Layman’s Language
When talking to the students, try not to use too many technical words and terms. When you do need to, make sure you follow it immediately with a clear, concise explanation. And remember… humor, smiles, voice inflection and gestures are other good ways to keep your audience engaged.


Give Them Something to Touch
Young people like to be physically active in the learning process; interactive tactile activities are the most fun and memorable. When planning, think about what interactive experience would draw you into your booth if you were a student, and then plan accordingly.

Keep Your Presentation Active by Asking Questions
Keep the learning process active by asking students probing questions from time to time, such as “Why do you think we use this kind of tool?” or “Can you think of others reasons why…?” Ignite their curiosity!

Don’t Forget Passersby Who May Be Interested
Assign a volunteer or two to draw in other students while you are busy engaging your audience. Some students are more timid and might appreciate an invitation to participate.

Plan for Supplies and Booth Staffing
WWIB” will draw 600+ students and parents. Keep this in mind when ordering supplies or give-away items.

High and Low Tech Activities
An activity can be ‘high tech’ like letting kids explore virtual reality headsets, or they can be ‘low-tech’ like making virus particles with marshmallows and toothpicks. The goal is an interactive activity that allows students to experience some aspect of the particular occupation.

middle schoolers

Exhibit Safety
Keep in mind any safety precautions for an activity and plan accordingly if your booth requires lab coats, gloves or safety glasses. If your exhibit might get messy, bring any necessary cleaning materials (paper towels, trash bags, etc.).

Helpful Tips for Your Staff and Volunteers:
Make sure everyone is trained beforehand.

Volunteers should be at least college age or older.

At least 2-3 people should staff the booth to help with explaining and crowd control.

Things you might want to bring:
Lozenges for your volunteers who will be talking all day.
Snacks (water will be provided)
Hand sanitizer, Kleenex, cleaning wipes, first aid kit, paper towels

Most importantly…